The downloads section is a repository of information to you make the right choice of your customized gift. Here you will find information regarding sizes of t-shirts, sweat shirts, jackets and much more. Soon you will be able to find information on the right process to customize your corporate gift with your preferred logo or artwork. All rendered exactly the way you want.

Find out more about cutting edge technologies like high precision laser engraving, computerised embroidery, traditional silk screen printing, colourful iron on transfers, eye popping sticker transfers, decals, long lasting UV printing for difficult to print surfaces, digital sublimation printing, pad printing to print on curved surfaces, high density printing and soft PVC embellishments.

That’s not all. You will soon be able to view interesting videos on the whole process of how they are done to give you an understanding of various techniques and what would suit your requirement.

A very important first step in any imprinting process is the logo or the artwork input your provide for the branding process. Low resolution files will result in poorly rendered imprinting. A carefully drawn matrix will help you in providing the right format for crisp, clear rendering of your logo / artwork, just the way you want.

A handy guide to prepare the right input, this section will also arm you with enough information to provide your designers. The type of fonts, their size, the kind of colours you can use for various processes and substrates. Here are some examples:

Laser engraving is a monochrome process – your logo or artwork can be rendered in a single and not of your choice. The colour entirely depends on the colour and type of material you want these engraved on.

UV printing allows your artwork to be rendered in all its colours and glory. But again, not on all kinds of materials.

Is this too much to imbibe for a simple exercise as ordering customized gifts for your employees? Can be sometimes. That’s where we come in. Spentacorp’ s rich domain expertise that pans 25+ years will come in handy. All you need to do is just share your detailed requirement and we do the rest. But then, if you armed with some basic information, it doesn’t hurt for sure.