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17 AUG

How to welcome new employees remotely

by Spentacorp

Ask any employer in a well-performing company, and they will tell you that the employees are the organization’s backbone. 

It is not the finances, the capital backing, the product, or the popularity that plays a major role in the company, but the employees. The success of moving forward as an organization is to keep the employees happy. 

If the employees are happy, then they act as catalysts that help the organization. If they aren’t satisfied, then the organization could suffer. 

Companies that recognize their employees’ efforts and contributions towards the company’s growth often see positive results. The company enjoys stronger morale, more engagement with employees, better customer service, and lesser turnovers. 

A great way to welcome new employees is to surprise them to goodies and swags to build an instant connect and foster a feel good factor. 

A few gift ideas to award to your employees include: 

  1. Onboarding kits: These new employees joining companies don’t get to meet any of their colleagues. What more than an employee welcome kit to onboard them and make an instant connection. Gift hampers can be used to show a new employee that you care for them. Gift hampers  can be curated for each employee who performs well, containing many goodies for that employee. Popular swags such as apparels, drinkware, notebooks, laptop bags, small keepsakes or even new stationery could be included in such a gift hamper or basket. Customize them with your logo and welcome card to make them feel cared for at the outset.
  2. WFH swags: An organization should essentially feel like an employee’s home away from home. Any items can be gifted to help the employee personalize their workspace and feel more comfortable in it. Small plants, picture frames, or flower pots could make for great decorative gifts. 
  3. A lot of employees cherish the most is a healthy relationship with their co-workers and their bosses. A non-materialistic reward that could prove very good for employees would be a night out or a gathering with their boss and co-workers. Taking your employees out for dinners helps increase the bonding in the organization. 
  4. Gift cards, online rewards, and referrals are also great gifts for employees. These gifts allow employees to enjoy the benefits of discounts and offers while buying things that they would actually like. It gives the employees a sense of freedom while ensuring that they are rewarded for their efforts. 
  5. Certain accessories could be either branded or personalized, depending on the nature of the gift. Employees love some goodies and items that the company offers. Such items include branded tumblers, diaries, t-shirts, caps, and many more accessories. Some employees could even make do with a pair of glasses that protect against the blue light emitted from computer screens. This would be a lovely gift and a way of showing that the company cares about the employees’ well-being. 

At the end of it, the employees are everything in your organization. And having something to incentivize them besides their salaries and bonuses is a method of showing appreciation for their work. Employees need to be appreciated and should feel appreciated with such gift ideas and more that shouldn’t be a problem now. 



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